In 1989 Mr P.C.C Burger began his transport and earth moving business in South Africa. He started with no more than 3 vehicles which, over the years has become more than 100.

In 2007, the first branch in Okahandja was opened and has since expanded to the various regions of Namibia. With BurGerS being a family business, everyone has taken part as seniors in the success and smooth running of the business.


Our aim is to be one of the leaders in the earth moving, agriculture and transport business all while ensuring our services and products remain of the highest quality.

We at BurGerS Equipment and Spares want industries and people alike to benefit from the products and equipment.

We offer opportunities for the youth in terms of employment both in Namibia and South Africa who have a passion for this industry.


  • 10 Branches in Southern Africa

    With 10 branches in South Africa and Namibia we are sure anyone, we are always close to our customers.

  • Goal Oriented

    One of the problems we face in Namibia is the unavailability of parts. We at BurGerS aim to change that. We are focused and passionate about our goal.

  • Great Service

    Our staff are trained regularly to ensure the best quality service … with a smile.


We at BurGerS appreciate our suppliers for  enabling us to reach the goals we set for Namibia and for helping us provide the best service to all our clients.


“We are happy to recommend the LiuGong machines to any company as reliable and cost effective equipment to operate and maintain with good back-up service from the Burgers’ dealership in Okahandja.”

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If you’re interested or if you simply want to ask a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form that has been provided. We will try our best to get in touch as soon as possible.